Anti-reflection film

TFT modules with gasket bonding have an air gap between touch sensor and TFT. This gap leads to reflections in the TFT and is also the reason why TFTs look greyish, not black, in power off state.

The traditional solution to this problem is full-lamination, however this option is costly and not suitable for all types of cell and coverlens combinations.

An anti-reflection – moth eye – film can be a cost efficient alternative eliminating interfering reflections.

LCD Mikroelektronik b2ap3 thumbnail motheye2 lcdmikroelektronik

In off state, the module looks more blackish, which gives the application a fine look.

LCD Mikroelektronik b2ap3 thumbnail motheye1 lcdmikroelektronik

Most TFT-modules can be equipped with moth eye film, contact us for inquiries!

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