Low power passive matrix display

LCD-Mikroelektronik provides passive matrix displays with power usage of under 150 uA for energy critical applications!

Of course the power usage depends also on the displayed content. With six different contents  a power consumption range from 125 to 296 uA with a setting of a reference voltage of 8,35V, a booster of 3xVDD2 and a duty cycle of 1/128 could be measured.

LCD Mikroelektronik b2ap3 thumbnail lowpower s

The shown display is a low power monochrome FSTN positive matrix display with an SPI interface, FPC connector and a resolution of 128 x 128 dots. It has an active area of 55 x 55 mm and an operating temperature of -20  to +70°C, the drive method is 1/128 duty with a bias of 1/12.

The used power saving controller IST7920 comes from “Integrated Solutions Technology”. It supports a SPI, I²C as well as 6800 and 8080 interface. By  reducing the reference voltage, the booster and the duty cycle even the very low data between 55- to 94uA on the six different contents can be reached:

reference voltage6,6 V 6,6 V 5,9 V 5,0 V 4,45 V 
booster 3x VDD2 3x VDD2 2x VDD2 2x VDD2 2x VDD2 
duty cycle 1/96 1/64 1/48 2x VDD2 1/24 
power consumption113 – 250 uA 103 – 209 uA 62 – 118 uA 57 – 97 uA 55 – 94 uA 
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