Low power color TFT displays

Often an important constraint for industrial application is power consumption.

Passive monochrome LCDs will usually use less power, than TFT displays. Hence many customers looking for suitable displays for industrial application had to use traditional monochrome LCDs if they wanted to add a display to their application. 

With the new generation of low power TFT displays, this could change. Low power applications will become colorful. 

Following is an example of a transflective TFT display which can be used both with and without backlight illumination. The powering off of the backlight will save further power and can also be useful in sunlight environments, where enough light is available. 

Traditional TFT displays are transmissive, they can only be read with the help of a backlight. Transflective displays combine the advantages of transmissive displays (they can be read in the dark with the help of a backlight), with the advantages of reflective displays (they can be read without backlight). 

Current consumption values

(with 1.8 V supply voltage)

200 micro A in hyper mode

19-50 micro A in low power mode

Technical Specification

Size 1.28″
Resolution176 * 176
Color Depth64 Colors
Technology Typea-Si TFT
Sub Pixelsize0.1308*0.1308 mm
Display ModeHalf the semi-premeable
Viewing DirectionALL
LCM (W * H * D)26.62*29.72*1.45 MM
Active Area (W * H)23.02*23.02 MM
Operating Voltage1.8 – 3.6 v
Operating Temp-20°C ~ 70°C
Driver ICST7301

With backlight:

LCD Mikroelektronik b2ap3 thumbnail lowpowerbacklight

Without backlight:

LCD Mikroelektronik b2ap3 thumbnail lowpowernoback
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